Advanced Fluro Tubes, manufacturer of world class quality braided PTFE hose. PTFE hose is extremely versatile and are used in many applications across industires.. We manufacture PTFE hoses that are flexible. The PTFE Hose that we offer is used in industries like transportation, aerospace, chemical transfer, pharmaceuticals and food handling.

PTFE hose has a very high operating temperature range, from -73 degrees C to +260 degrees C. Chemical compatibility is the pre- dominant characteristic of the PTFE hose. In most of the areas, PTFE hose can withstand extreme temperature and varying pressure, exerted by different types of fluids. At Advanced Fluro Tubes, we manufacture hoses that fulfill wide range of requirements.


The PTFE  hose for high performance cars, for example, are built in ways that allow them to be extremely strong as well as flexible. The strength is maintained even when the hose is under high- pressure and is continuously vibrating. Our team of engineers builds PTFE Hose  that have low friction and are non- sticky to prevent the fluids from getting stuck to the inner walls of the hose. Advanced Fluro Tubes manufactured PTFE hose is inert and inner core is manufactured from FDA complaint PTFE material hence suitable for use in the food & pharma industry. PTFE meets FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 standards.

Choose between virgin PTFE hose or anti- static PTFE hose depending on your requirements. Give that the PTFE hose is used in many diverse applications, we thoroughly understand client’s requirements before recommending a solution. At Advanced Fluro Tubes, prompt delivery and hassle free dealing comes complimentary with quality PTFE Hose products.

Our SAE-R14 Complaint Hose Sizes

Metric Size **1SAE DASH SizeBRAID ID MIN mmBRAID ID MAX mmBRAID OD MIN mmBRAID OD MAX mmMax Working Pressure BarMin Brust Pressure BarMin Bend Radius mm **2

**1.Metric Size is a label only, not a dimensions, to identify hose size (Ref. ISO 4397)
**2.Bend Radius measured at inside of bend.