Lined Hose is manufactured by lining a pipe for pressure applications. This is done by using a loose-fitting reinforced hose. Generally, flexible, lightweight PVC is the material used in this type of hose. PTFE Hose used in stainless steel hose so that it can last longer. It has various benefits over rubber products.

To transfer fluids under pressure, a lining with an inserted hose can be easily pulled into a host pipe. Once the installation is done properly, the lined hose is inflated to conform to the walls of the pipe. Additionally, special fittings are used on the ends to secure the lining to the pipe.

You may find lined hose in all sizes and types. These are found everywhere right from manufacturing plants to homes. Due to its unique properties, when determining the type of hose assembly you may need, it is difficult to overlook the PTFE braided hose.

ptfe lined hose

Features and Uses of Lined/PTFE Hose

PTFE hose can be used in a range of applications such as aerospace, automotive, chemical and industrial applications. It has smooth bore and a smooth inner with a convoluted outer with anti-static and non-conductive properties.

Lined Hose has an inner liner that protects the hose surface and prevents it from extruding or shearing through the band notches as the clamp tightens. You may find that the one-piece inner liner is double welded, thus preventing separation.

Lined Hose is flexible and lightweight. Therefore, lined hose is used in trenchless rehabilitation to extend the life of older pipes that have become defective over time. A reinforced PVC hose liner is durable and leak-resistant, as well as economical.

Lined hose offers lesser volumetric expansion at the higher operating pressure. Thus, making it ideal for pressure systems such as brake, clutch and power steering. Also, gearbox and suspension hydraulics.

PTFE hose is strong and durable. It may differ from other hose in the market. This is because of the stainless steel reinforcement over the hose tubing. It gives the additional strength.

Braided PTFE hose performs well under high pressure. In fact, it surpasses other hoses when performing under high pressure.

PTFE hose is highly temperature resistant. And, in the events where hoses are exposed to extreme weather conditions, it is an excellent choice.

Lined hose is resistant to almost all common chemicals in the market today. However, the only known chemicals that can damage this material are molten alkali metals and halogenated chemicals. Thus, making lined hose perfect for various manufacturing environments.

Other than the features mentioned above, Lined hose is excellent for food and beverage manufacturing. It is because these hoses are not damaged with prolonged contact with moisture. Additionally, contact with PTFE does not add any odour, taste, or color to any chemicals.

Lastly, PTFE hose offers added security against fire. PTFE braided hose assemblies are proven safe due to the protection they provide against fire. Thus, frequently used for fire extinguisher systems and pressure gauge lines.

Thus, from the factors mentioned here in the article, the conclusion that can be drawn is that lined hose has a range of applications due to its exceptional properties. To know more about it and to avail such products, you may get in touch with the well-known Lined Hose manufacturers.