Teflon Tube or PTFE Tubing is a semi-transparent, chemically inert, and non-toxic material . One of its unique features is temperature resistance. And, it has a surface that facilitates the flow of fluids. It can be used in service which requires high temperatures of over 200 degree Celsius. Thus, making it a material of choice in elevated temperature applications. It also has a breakdown voltage which makes it excellent in electrical insulation.

PTFE Teflon Tube is mostly used in applications requiring resistance to high temperatures. Also, for use in corrosive chemicals, and high voltage requirements. Additionally, it can be used for other applications such as fluid transfer applications and heat-exchanger systems.

Teflon also plays a crucial role in the world of automobile components. It is used in coating windshield car wipers. Teflon coating is also widely used to protect textile and carpet systems. It is seamless to clean a Teflon coated carpet and it is more resistant to stain and repellent to liquids.

Properties of Teflon Tube

Teflon Tube has high resistance. This suggests that this type of material has extremely high-melting temperatures. Hence, it is known to be suitable for use in industries where transportation of hot liquids is a daily requirement.

Teflon Tube is also resistant to an extensive variety of chemicals and acids. Imperbeality is its another significant and crucial feature. Therefore, water cannot make its way through.  And, due to the unique property of imperbeality, PTFE tubing is an excellent option to transport chemicals.

PTFE tubing is absolutely perfect and extensively used in catheters and snares. This is due to the low coefficient of friction (0.1).

Teflon Tube Its Applications

Different types and uses of PTFE tubing:-

The teflon tube suppliers classify PTFE tubing in three different categories. This is based on the thickness of the wall and the diameter of tube. For example, Pressure hose, Spaghetti tubing and Pipe liner. There is a further classification within these categories.

Split: There is a ridge in such Teflon tube that enables the tubing to be split longitudinally. And, its structure allows medical practitioners to extract PTFE introducers from patient’s bodies. This is done by a procedure without having to dislocate the primary device.

Heat shrinkable: This tubing is made up of very thin material, and as it gets exposed to hot air, it begins to decrease and shrink. This is the reason, it can be used for manufacturing of wires and glass tubes along with other insulation purposes.

Multi-lumen: This contains a number of smaller tubes within a single interior and each and every layer contains a different type of fluid or wire. These Teflon tubes are used for a number of applications in the medical industry.

Filled: It involves chemical additives to give the teflon tube radioactive properties. This is another significant type of PTFE tubing used in wide range of medical applications as it is visible in X-rays. These Teflon tubes are also utilized where anti -static properties are required.

PTFE tube suppliers in India can offer all kinds of Teflon tube. To know about teflon tube fittings and teflon tube price, you must get in touch with the supplier.