Blog: Applications of PTFE Hose

Applications of PTFE Hose

Application and Uses of PTFE Hoses: A) PTFE Hoses in Chemical area: Used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Chemical and acid hose are used in chemical manufacturing plant. Corrosion resistant hose are used in corrosives transfer application. Cosmetic hose in cosmetic manufacturing plant. Sanitary and Aseptic hose  for high purity fluid transfer. Heated hose (Electrical or Steam Heated) to transfer hot fluids […]

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PTFE Hose – General Overview

PTFE Hose PTFE hose has such a wide variety of application that the world without these hoses would be hard to imagine. This hose is particularly characterized by excellent chemical and thermal properties. PTFE Hose can generally be used in temperature from -60ºc to +260ºc. Internal layer is a seamless extruded premium grade of PTFE that ensures minimal porosity, maximum flexibility and high resistance to vibration. […]

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PTFE Tubing : General Overview

PTFE Tubing Fluoro Polyers are fluro carbon based polymers with strong carbon fluroine bonds. AFT PTFE tubing is smooth, non porous and dimentionally  stable. Unlike other plastic material this PTFE tubing is unaffected by solvents, acids and fuels. Further more its no affected by weather or UV exposure. PTFE tubing has Durometer of 58 D and outstanding dielectric properties. Its ultra pure, non-toxic, non-corroding, non-oxidising and non-stick and has a best in […]

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