PTFE Tubing

Fluoro Polyers are fluro carbon based polymers with strong carbon fluroine bonds.

AFT PTFE tubing is smooth, non porous and dimentionally  stable.

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Unlike other plastic material this PTFE tubing is unaffected by solvents, acids and fuels.
Further more its no affected by weather or UV exposure.
PTFE tubing has Durometer of 58 D and outstanding dielectric properties.
Its ultra pure, non-toxic,
non-corroding, non-oxidising and non-stick and has a best in class UL94 V-0 flame rating.
It has highest working temperature of any fluoropolymer tubing available today enduring temperatures upto 260 Degree Celsius.
It can also withstand as low as -60 Deg Celsius. It is widely used as pressure tubing in general chemical applications. It also serves numerous applications in the automotive, electrical and appliance industries.