PTFE tube AKA Teflon Tube is defined as a semi-transparent, chemically inert, and non-toxic material. It can be used in service temperatures of over 200 degree Celsius. Thus, making it a suitable material of choice in various high-temperature applications. Additionally, it has a breakdown voltage of up to 100Kv/mm which makes it excellent in electrical insulation. Therefore, these types of tubes are mostly used in applications requiring resistance to high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and high voltages.

AKA Teflon Tube

Reasons for the extensive use of PTFE tubing AKA Teflon Tubing

Highly resistant to heat – Teflon Tube has high resistance.  This suggests that it has extremely high melting temperatures. Therefore, it is appropriate for use in industries where transportation of hot liquids is a daily and essential requirement. 

Resistant to corrosion –  AKA Teflon Tube is also resistant to a wide variety of harsh chemicals and acids. And, imperbeality is its another important feature, therefore the water cannot make its way through.  Due to this property, PTFE tubing is the right option to transport chemicals. 

Low coefficient of friction – PTFE tubing is absolutely perfect and widely used in catheters and snares. This I due to the low coefficient of friction (0.1). 

Here mentioned are some of the common uses of Teflon Tube:-

Cookware – The slippery surface created by Teflon makes it a perfect material for cooking applications. There are a number of popular brands which offer lines of cookware coated with PTFE. This helps to prevent food from sticking to the surface of the pots and pans. Thereby, reducing the need for cooking oil. 

Nail polish and Hair Stylish Tool – You may find Hair straighteners and curling irons coated with Teflon. This is because of the high temperatures emitted by these tools. It is also used in nail polish. The smooth surface that doesn’t crack is due to the use of teflon tube industrial coating. 

Windshield wiper blades – Teflon coating within the automotive industry can be used for numerous applications. The blades of windshield wipers are notable. The smooth surface of teflon tube enables them to glide smoothly across the windshield. 

Chemical and steel industriesPTFE hose commonly handles some highly corrosive substances. These substances are transferred at extremely high temperatures. And, PTFE industrial coating is one of the best materials to handle this type of use. It addresses all the problems that are otherwise caused by working with chemicals or steel. Most types of hose might deteriorate over time. However, those that are developed from the PTFE industrial coating will easily last for a longer duration. 

Fabric and carpet protection – Stains that have been treated with AKA Teflon Tubing are less likely to stick to carpets or fabrics. Thus, it helps vastly in fabric and carpet protection. 

Aircraft Industry – Teflon tubing is non-flammable. Its low friction coefficient enables it to perform its duty under extreme conditions like high temperatures. And, it is essential that the wiring and cables in an airplane remain secure. Therefore, PTFE tubing is required as per the Teflon Tubing Manufacturer.

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