PTFE Lined Marked Tube

Will Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene or PTFE tube suit the needs of my company or the industry? Will it ease the working and the everyday operations? If this is the question causing the confusion and a decision needs to be taken regarding this, then the answer will definitely be a yes! The use of PTFE tubing in food and beverages, water treatment, chemical processing, biotech, automotive, medical application and several other industries dates back to a long time. The demand for this product has been high across industries.

The reason to this can be attributed to the unique properties of PTFE products. PTFE products are highly resistant to corrosive chemicals. Also, it has a high endurance quality, which makes it one popular choice in a range of industries. Thus, while selecting a PTFE product all one needs to know is what quality or characteristic of the PTFE tube will be useful and how can one gain maximum out of it.

One of the most useful PTFE product is the PTFE lined Marked Tube. The PTFE lined marked tube is a tube which is made up of a special type of plastic and available in only white (transparent) colour with an added color stripe on the outside wall of the tube. These coloured stripes are available in red, blue, black, yellow, green and orange colours and are used to distinguish between the internal fluid and tubing.

What makes PTFE lined marked tube a must have in the Industry?

PTFE tubes offer a perfect solution to the tubing needs of the industry. In case of situations, where the general tube would either crack under extreme pressure or break down, PTFE tubes withstand all kinds of pressure. Also, normal plastic tubes have chances of being eaten away owing to the liquid flowing through the tubes, which is not the case with PTFE tubes.

The characteristics of PTFE lined marked tubes are as follows:

  • Resistance to Heat: PTFE lined marked tubes provide a high enduring capacity to heat or temperature. This feature allows it to transfer fluids even at high temperatures without the tube being set on fire, thus offering a strong insulation to metal parts.
  • Resistance to Corrosion: PTFE lined marked tubes offer a high resistance, to corrosions due to acids, bases and other chemicals. Additionally, it is also water repellant which avoids the absorption of the liquids. The material possesses the quality of being highly inert to chemicals and being not affected by them, even when it is subjected to high amounts of temperature or pressure.
  • Reduced Coefficient of Friction: The coefficient of friction for a PTFE tube is almost identical at 0.1 for both static and dynamic coefficients. As a result of this, it reduces the wear and tear in case of an abrasion when it is put in contact with other polymers or liquids.
  • Dielectric Strength: A PTFE tube features a high working range that spans between 50 to 120 kilo volts per mm, which makes it an ideal choice for electrical cable insulation.

Hence, due to the above mentioned benefits of the PTFE lined Marked Tube, if you have been evaluating the choice of selection of the tubes for your needs, PTFE tubes are the best choice. And if you are evaluating the options for buying it,AFT tubes( is the best choice.