PTFE Antistatic Tube

PTFE (Poly tetra-fluoroethylene) tube was originally designed as a product to be used in high end applications. However, over the last 20 years, the PTFE tube has found a universal use and is commercially used for multiple consumer and industrial applications. The PTFE tubing technique can be used not only to make rods and sheets, but also to make tubes.

Classification for PTFE Tube

A PTFE tube can be are broadly classified into three categories, based on the diameter and wall thickness. These categories are spaghetti tubing, pressure hose and pipe liner. The pipe liners have the thickest diameter, whereas the spaghetti tubes have the thinnest of around 0.2-8 mm, with pressure hose being in the center.

The PTFE products can also be classified on the basis of the variants such as:

  • Multi- Lumen– It consists of a single outer tube with numerous inner tubes. These inner tubes can hold multiple fluids thus allowing them to be used to be extensively used in the field of medicine.
  • Corrugated and Convoluted tubes– The convoluted tubes are used in those places where the tube needs to be passed at right angles, because these tubes have folds on the outer walls, which make it easier for them to bend, without the possibility of damage.
  • Split tube- The split tube has a ridge on the tube wall, which allows it to be split longitudinally. This feature is of immense significance in the medical industry.
  • Heat Shrinkable– These PTFE tube types shrink in diameter when heated. These tubes are used to sheath the wires in the electrical industry.
  • Filled tubes- These tubes are basically chemical additives, which offer radiopaque properties and are popularly used during medical inserts and in showing up of X-Rays.
  • Anti-static – Static charges are those charges, which get generated by some medium when they flow through the tubes at high velocities. These static charges if not taken care-of, may lead to hazardous situations like explosions. As a result of this, special PTFE tubes are manufactured which possess anti-static property which avoid static charge buildup

Characteristics of antistatic PTFE tube

  • Provide resistance to high and low temperatures- The antistatic PTFE tube has the ability to withstand temperatures from -260 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius. Thus, it can not only withstand high temperature and pressure, but also low temperatures without hardening, thus being a great insulator.
  • Dielectric Strength- The antistatic PTFE tube can resist an electrical voltage in the range of 50 volts to 120 kilo volts
  • Reduced Co-Efficient of Friction- The antistatic PTFE tube has a very low co-efficient of friction of 0.1 which is almost identical for static and dynamic coefficients.
  • Wear Resistance- The antistatic PTFE tube provides a natural lubricity due to its smooth and greasy surface, having a static friction coefficient of08 at 500 psi load.
  • Lightweight: The antistatic PTFE tube is extremely lightweight thus being easy to use
  • Shock Absorption and Impact Resistance Power: The antistatic PTFE tube allows shock absorption and high impact resistance.
  • Static Control: The antistatic PTFE tube possesses the most important quality of being anti-static which prevents any sort of electric charge buildup.
  • Strong Chemical Resistance– The antistatic PTFE tube provides resistance to all kinds of corrosion and also possesses water repulsion property. Besides, it is also highly inert to chemicals and does not get affected by them.

Typical applications of antistatic PTFE tube

  • Chemical liquid handling
  • Transport of flammable liquids
  • Paint industry with static loads
  • Food industry

Thus, to sum it up, whenever a PTFE tube is to be selected, it is important to consider not only the chemical characteristics and the compatibility of the tube, but also its electrical properties. And whenever someone thinks of antistatic product offerings, one should contact Advanced Fluro Tubes’ who manufacture excellent PTFE Antistatic Tubes, along with a host of other products.