PTFE Fabric Braided Hose

PTFE fabric braided hose consists of a PTFE liner on the inside and an outer protective cover made up of fabric on the outside. This cover provides protection to the inner liner by increasing its pressure withstanding capacity. The fabric braiding greatly helps increase the flexibility of the hose while decreasing the cost of the hose as compared to its steel counterpart and can be used in those places, like automobiles, where it is concerned with the transmission of oil and water.

When used appropriately, the proper type of PTFE hose can serve various industrial purposes with great efficiency. However, there are some common myths which the industries have about the PTFE products, which make industries choose the wrong product when in case of an application.


A PTFE Hose is very costly:

  • Though true that the PTFE paste that is utilized to make good quality lines is a high grade material and hence the higher cost, but when compared to the entire lifecycle cost and the safety aspect, the hose is a much more cost-effective choice over other conventional products. A number of factors need to be considered when the hose performance is considered as against the cost.
  • A PTFE hose performs much better than ordinary thermoplastic or a rubber hose under any kind of operating conditions. This benefit is prominent in both extreme as well as ordinary conditions.
  • An example of tire industry can be considered to throw light on the advantages of a PTFE hose. In tire manufacturing, the steam is used to cure the rubber, water for cooling the dye and compacted air to dry the dye by blowing away the water. This steam, water and air are supplied to the press using a single hose. To ensure smooth processing of the above process, if the material used for the hose is made up of OEM rubber, it has to be replaced within a couple of weeks. However, in case a PTFE hose the replacement need not be done even after six months of usage, underlining the improvement in the overall cost of the project.
  • Besides, the PTFE tubing also minimizes the warranty costs due to low maintenance of industrial or commercial machinery. Definitely, PTFE hoses have the lowest cost of ownership.

PTFE fabric braided hose gets easily twisted and crushed:

  • In a dynamic application, a PTFE hosemay get twisted and crushed, when not used in the proper manner. In applications where there is there is a higher probability of twisting or crushing, the right solution would be to use PTFE fabric braided hose and install it according to the installation guidelines.


  • A PTFEhose is known to be chemically inert to a majority of alkalis, moisture and acids even under extreme pressure and temperature.
  • A PTFEhose is resistant to breakage even under pressure and temperature. At max, it would deform under heavy burden or load, but not break unlike ordinary hoses. This particular quality makes its quite useful for applications dealing with extreme centrifugal forces.
  • A PTFEhose boasts of a stable nature against temperature fluctuations. It also cools down in no time without cracking.
  • A PTFEhose provides extreme flexibility.

Thus, the common misunderstandings about a PTFE fabric braided hose need to be avoided and should be used across industries wherever its use is justified, to get the best performance at a minimum of operational cost. This product can be checked out on the following website along with a host of other hoses and PTFE tubes to gain maximum in terms of savings.