PTFE Abrasion Resistant Tube

Polytetrafluoroethylene, abbreviated as PTFE and more commonly referred to as Teflon, is a material which is extensively used in the manufacture of tubes. The use of this material is on the rise across industries, more so in the manufacturing and the industrial sectors due to the exclusive properties of the particular polymer. Certain key characteristics like resistance to breakage, extreme temperatures on both the sides of the Celsius scale and resistance to chemicals is what makes a PTFE tube the ideal choice in the global market.

Abrasion Resistant Tube is a PTFE tube which is resistant to surface wear and tear caused by constant rubbing or contact with another material. This Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube is quite an essential in the industrial sector due to its hydrophobic nature. This tube is averse to wetting and is used in those applications, where fluid needs to be transferred from point A to point B.

This tube is also non-reactive in nature. Hence, even if this tube comes into contact with corrosive or highly reactive chemicals, it won’t react with this compound resulting in the formation of some other product. Hence, this tube can be used in close contact with an extensive range of materials minus any sort of reaction or corrosion.

An example for the above property can be demonstrated with the help of ‘Hydrofluoric Acid’. Hydrofluoric Acid is an acid which tends to degrade the glass containers due its highly corrosive nature. Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube can be used safely for transmitting any kind of hydrofluoric acid without the fear of corrosion or reaction.

PTFE products are truly special kinds of polymers that witness a widespread and an extensive industrial use. These products can be used across industries from food and beverages production to water treatment, to chemical processing, to biotech, to printing, and many more.

What makes Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube special to the Industries?

1) Reduced friction points:

Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube has the lowest point of friction as against any other polymers available. These tubes are known to have a smooth and a greasy surface while having a static coefficient of 0.08 to 500 psi which makes it an ideal choice to be used against any other polymer for smooth transmission of liquids and other materials.

2) High resistance to chemicals:

Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube is known for its resistance quality to acids, bases and several other common solvents. This valued quality increases it versatility making it beneficial for a host of industries.

3) Resistance to temperature:

Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube is known to provide an excellent resistance to flames and heat. It also is known to provide immense resistance against cold, without getting deformed and retaining its original texture and shape.

4) Approval of FDA:

Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube also has got an approval from the FDA, which permits it to be used in the food and beverage industry. This special type of PTFE product does not hamper the taste or appearance of any kinds of the finished product in the F & B industry.

The above-mentioned benefits and the characteristics are what make the Abrasion Resistant PTFE tube an ideal choice in a variety of industries. This product can be checked out on along with a host of other PTFE products.