Application and Uses of PTFE Hoses:

A) PTFE Hoses in Chemical area:

  1. Used in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.
  2. Chemical and acid hose are used in chemical manufacturing plant.
  3. Corrosion resistant hose are used in corrosives transfer application.
  4. Cosmetic hose in cosmetic manufacturing plant.
  5. Sanitary and Aseptic hose  for high purity fluid transfer.
  6. Heated hose (Electrical or Steam Heated) to transfer hot fluids at maintained temperature.

B) PTFE Hoses Automotive and Railways:

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  1. Fuel hose
  2. Turbocharger hose
  3. Coolant hose
  4. Auto-Brake hose
  5. Motor bike Brakes hose
  6. Diesel Engine hose
  7. Motorsports hose
  8. Power Steering hose
  9. Transmission Oil hose

C) PTFE Hoses in General applications:

  1. Charging hose for Carton filling machines.
  2. High pressure gas hose for Gas bottle filling.
  3. Bottle filling hose for bottle filling machines
  4. Foodstuffs hose, Beverage and drinks
  5. Hose for processing plants and Dispensing
  6. Equipment for food and drinking