Currently, medical device industry is one of the most competitive in existence. There are many manufacturers competing for the same customers in this industry. This suggests that gaining a slight competitive edge can make a difference between cornering the market and showing up a little late. Therefore, the teflon tube manufacturer of medical devices have to be concerned with the invasiveness of their equipment.

Additionally, the medical device manufacturers are bound by strict regulations enforced by the FDA. Generally, the medical devices are classified into three classes and class 111 medical devices are the most regulated. According to an extensive regulatory framework, medical device manufacturers must worry about the effectiveness of their devices. A defective medical device could literally take someone’s life. In such situations, a medical device manufacturer could be subject to a lawsuit if its device stops working and causes an adverse event. It is important that their devices have to work and work correctly every time, which means superior quality is a principal goal.

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So, it is quite obvious that medical device manufacturers are always on the move to crate the best products to meet the latest trends and healthcare demands. In the past few decades, one of the most common trends in the medical device industry is to connect metals and plastic and to enable “real time” data to reach a diagnostic system.

Industrial wall PTFE has been used in several industries for decades and is a chemical product that has a high number of fluorocarbons. The closest everyday material that it resembles is a popularly used substance called Teflon. PTFE was discovered for the first time in 1938 by Dr. Plunkett at DuPont. PTFE was made commercially available in 1947 and the discovery of PTFE accelerated the development of the other fluoropolymers.

A variety of polymer products are widely used in modern medicine. These products are used for human contact with human body tissues and for other medical devices. Some of the properties of polymers such as plasticity, tightness, stability to corrosive media, electrical insulation, etc., are important for diagnostic devices. Hence, polymers such as Teflon tube have crowded out and replaced metal and other materials in medical applications.

Reasons for the use of Teflon Tubing by Medical Device Manufacturer

Heat and Cold Resistant – As we know that all kinds of coatings cannot withstand both blazing hot and freezing cold temperatures, especially those as extreme as 600 degrees Fahrenheit or -454 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, Teflon is both heat and cold resistant.

Electrical Properties – According to PTFE tube manufacturers, PTFE has excellent electrical properties such as high insulation resistance, low dielectric constant. The low dielectric constant is due to the highly symmetric structure of the macromolecules. And, PTFE exhibits high thermal stability without obvious degradation below 440 °C. Thus, PTFE materials can be continuously used below 260°C for different purposes.

Non-Sticky – It is the non-sticky quality of PTFE tubing that makes it ideal for a medical device.  A non-stick surface enables the transfer of fluids in a seamless way and helps avoid clogging, thus, ensuring that a medical device remains functional, even during high use.

No Chemical Reactions

Another benefit is that Teflon Tube is inert with most chemicals. Hence, there are no adverse reactions that could harm the device or the patient or for that matter interfere with the performance of the machine. Therefore, this property reduces the chances that a piece of equipment will become an issue when treating a patient.

Low Friction

The thin wall PTFE tubing possesses the lowest friction ratio of any polymer. So, it can be used in high-stress situations with no degradation in quality. PTFE tubing can very well function in high-use temperature ranges exceeding 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

All PTFE tubing possesses excellent electrical properties, and is highly resistant to UV radiation. It can withstand constant use while displaying slight weathering.

Summing up:-

Polymer products can be used to manufacture catheters, drain pipes, stethoscopes, filters, air conditioners, etc. To create better medical devices, teflon tube manufacturer are always on the lookout for even the smallest gains. This is because even a small benefit can yield great dividends as it pertains to getting a product to market and making it the industry choice.

If you have any teflon tube requirement, you may get in touch with some of the industrial leaders who are popular PTFE tube manufacturers, to obtain the best quality of products.